May 13, 2015

Update on the 2014 - 2015 S.V.C.A. Penny Drive

Our Penny Drive began with a 'Go Get 'em' attitude between the classes back in October.

Our first bank deposit equalled $271.50. Awesome start SVCA!

Being new, some of us didn't know that all of the silver and paper (dollars) put into your jar were not necessarily a good thing. You see the silver and the paper amounts go against what was collected and saved in pennies, resulting in a negative dollar amount.

Things slowed down during the rifle raffle and then the New Year began ...

The classes were back at who they could 'get' or rather 'give to' whom ever might be close to the top as far as saving the most pennies. After all everyone wanted to win.

Or the 4 K and 5 K coming up saying they had a 'secret' for me, or the 5 K saying they had a 'surprise for me when really they had silver to put into my penny jar.

Or how about the 4th - 6th grades going to 'visit' the 4 K class to put a little 'gift' into their jar.

On purpose we all worked together to save for our school!

I decided on my own that, rather than saying who was in the hole the least or the most, because each pair of classes, the board and myself ... well, we all ended up with a negative, just with different amounts of negatives.

No one came out as a positive dollar amount ... so who raised the most? Who worked the hardest? Does it really matter? When in reality we are all on the same team? I think not!

Rather than teacj our students to be competative an work against someone else or try and 'one-up' another team, lets teach them that we are ALL on the same team - Team SVCA - and we are ALL winners!

Together Team SVCA brought in $861.31.

Team SVCA: You are all amazing!