Box Tops, Coupons, eScrip, and Labels
by SVCA Staff

With your help, the Academy engages in a number of ongoing, year-round fund-raising projects. Among these are:

labels for ed logoLabels for Education is a program wherein SVCA families and other members of the community work together to “Earn Free Stuff” for the Academy! Most kitchens are filled with products of companies that participate in the program. You can find out more about the program at this link:

box tops for education logo Box Tops for Education is another program in which SVCA participates. The Academy can earn cash for the school by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. They, too, are in everyone's kitchen. Please clip your box tops and bring them to school, rather than tossing them into the stove or into the trash. Follow this link for more information on this program:

yokescardYoke's eScrip card is another way to help the Academy financially. This card entitles you to earn contributions, with the purchases you make from Yoke's Fresh Markets, toward SVCA. The card is easy to obtain and use. To participate, you just need to stop by the school office and ask Mrs Erickson for an eScrip card, then register it on line at Swipe the card every time you shop at Yokes, and they will donate money back to our school.

Thank you! ... to everyone throughout the community who participates in these ventures which aid so much in providing a quality education in a Christian context for the children of SVCA.