Year-end Contributions

Each year, as the year winds down and tax-season rears its head, we have another opportunity to make contributions that can have an impact in God's world and, perhaps, shave a little bit off what we owe to various governmental coffers.

Would you please consider making a donation to Silver Valley Christian Academy? Since our stated goal is never to turn away families who seek a Christian education for their children, we rely on support from throughout the community to meet our operating budget each year. Tuition and fundraisers cover just half of our budget. As SVCA is currently constituted, we need an additional $5,000 per month in community support to make ends meet.

We are a educational nonprofit entity, and your donation is eligible for a double tax break if you pay Idaho income tax: first, an Idaho education tax credit, and, second, a federal and state tax deduction. For example, if you make a $200 donation, you would receive a $100 tax credit on your Idaho tax return under the Idaho education tax credit, and if you itemize deductions, you would save about $50 more in federal and state taxes. That’s a $200 investment in Silver Valley families that ends up costing you only $50! There are also Federal savings to donors who their Federal return.

Our school has been active in the Silver Valley for more than twenty-five years, providing Christian education to 4K through high school. Our students and teachers are involved in several community outreach activities, including:

  • Cleaning the Veterans Memorial Site
  • Hosting a Veterans Day Luncheon
  • Singing at retirement homes
  • Distributing food with Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Providing lunch and a music program annually for the Chamber of Commerce

Thank you very much for your support of families in our community. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Silver Valley Christian Academy, please call our office anytime. Contributions may be mailed to: SVCA, 15 E Mullan Ave, Kellogg, Idaho 83837.

Thank you,

The Board of Directors
Silver Valley Christian Academy

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