Real America

A small slice of "real America" gathered on July 4, 2015 in the Kellogg City Park. I would find out later just how much "real America" the gathering was. It was, after all, the 4th of July. (More about that "real America" as we go along.)

SVCA will have a booth at all the community events around our valley this summer. This was the second event at which we put in an appearance. The first was the Business Expo, in the Courtyard at Silver Mountain's lower terminal. Expo is put on by the Chamber of Commerce.

On the morning of the 4th I arrived a little early and began setting up the canopy for shade. With temperatures expected to be in the upper 90's it was going to be needed. I was by myself at this point, and these "pop-up" canopies are not made to be set up by only one person. Brenda, the lady pictured below discussing some of her wares with a prospective customer, saw my dilemma, and came across the path to help. With two of us, it only took a few minutes to finish setting up the canopy. A big thanks to a "real American."


Then came the "furniture;" a table, a table cloth, a couple chairs, SVCA brochures, registration papers for the upcoming school year, our nice, new banner, and a basket full of candy.


Wound up something like this. Pretty homey, coffee cup and all. You can see the wind beginning to pick up just a little bit, and blowing the banner around. Home away from home, all set up even before the arrival of the parade and all the paraders and watchers arrived. Plenty of time to walk next door and introduce myself. My neighbors' names were Jennifer and Kyle, specialist in Lemon Crush and Kettle Corn, respectively. Kyle turned out to be a pretty soft touch, too, selling at a good discount to both a "cute little girl with the bluest eyes," and an elderly gentleman who had his own container for the Lemon Crush. (It's great stuff with a couple shots of huckleberry.)

Not long after getting set up Dave Fender arrived. The afternoon provided an opportunity for good conversation, and to talk with several people interested in the Academy. Crystal, who had a booth set up across the trail from us came over and introduced herself. She is associated with a Christian school in Old Town, up North across the state line from Newport, Washington. Before the day was over, several people had taken paperwork from our table, including registration packets and brochures.

Now, a little more about that "real America" stuff. Dave and I broke camp, packed everything in to my vehicle, and said our goodbyes. Dave went off in search of the rest of his family, and I got in the car to head home. I turned the ignition switch, already anticipating the air conditioner coming to life. All I was greeted by was the "click-click-click" of the starter trying to engage. Dead battery! The heat of the day had pushed it over the brink.

Before I could even get out of the car to start looking for help, here came Jennifer, the Lemon Crush specialist. She said that Kyle, the Kettle Corn chef, had gone for jumper cables. This was less than 30 seconds from the time of the first "click" of the starter. Well, before getting my engine started there were no fewer than five people involved, including a Kellogg fireman with a "jumper pack" from his search and rescue kit. We wound up using the jumper cables after all, jumped from a van driven by a nice young man with his lower leg in a cast.

This was a tremendous example, on the 4th of July even, of just what "real America" is, and what "real Americans" are, all about. I am so greatful to all the people who helped me on my way.


I wish I had gotten a better picture of them, but that's is Jennifer and Kyle prepping for the days business. They'll be at other events just like this one at the Park in Kellogg. Stop by and tell them "hello" if you come across them. God bless "real America."