5K Prayers

K5 2015 01I have kept track of some of the prayers offered to God throughout this first quarter. These prayers are so sincere and beautiful!

Each prayer holds a pinch of 5 year old solemnity, a pinch of understanding, and a ton of tenderness towards their classmates and teacher.

The children pray for many things that are of the upmost importance in their lives. Lost teeth, sick dogs and cats, baby sisters and brothers, lost toys, family members, doctors, shots, clothes, Barbie dolls and foxes.

The list is long. Here is a sampling:

  • Dear Holy Ghost, we host you today and I am sorry when I don’t listen to Mr. Smith. None of us want to be mean. Do something.
  • God, will you fix Hadley’s kitty? He’s really, really, sick! Make Hadley stop crying so much. It’s not good for her.
  • Will you help _______ to be nice when she plays in the playroom with us? She threw something at my head but I forgave her and then we got to play kitchen. Now we can be friends!
  • Dear God would you get me some better snacks in my lunch?
  • Help me to listen. I don’t want to end up crazy.
  • Thank you for the day, the sun, the smoke, the hot lunches, friends, Mrs. Smith, Iris, Hadley, Kloe and me. Amen

After Bible Class one morning, we were talking about Eve and her disobedience to God when she ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. One student said; “she was probably just hungry and didn’t remember what God said.”